Risk to Public Safety


Only Registered Midwives may use the titles that are reserved by law for registrants. Furthermore, only Registered Midwives may carry out the restricted activities outlined in the regulations for practising midwifery.

Under Section 3 of the Midwives Regulation, only registrants of CMBC  are entitled to use the titles “registered midwife” or “midwife”. Sections 4 and 5 clearly state the scope of a midwife and the restricted activities that only a registered midwife may perform.

Government has created these laws to assure the public that the people who provide midwifery services:

  1. Received their education from accredited/recognized schools;
  2. Passed rigorous entry to practice examinations;
  3. Maintain continued competencies;
  4. Carry professional liability insurance; and
  5. Are accountable to a regulatory body that can investigate public complaints and impose professional discipline.

For greater clarity, the College will pursue any non-registrant who:

  • Use the titles “registered midwife” and/or “midwife”
  • Use the abbreviation “RM” and/or
  • Perform any of the restricted activities reserved for a registered practitioner.

Submitting a report

Reports regarding the unauthorized use of reserved titles can be made to CMBC by email, fax or post.

Email: registrar [at] cmbc.bc.ca
Fax: 604-730-8908

Registrar & Executive Director – CMBC
603 – 601 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC  V5Z 4C2

Report process

On receiving a report about the unauthorized use of reserved titles or performance of restricted activities, the College will conduct a preliminary investigation to ensure it has the ability to pursue the matter. As part of this preliminary investigation, CMBC will gather all readily available information to determine whether the relevant legislation has been breached. Once satisfied, CMBC will send a “cease and desist” letter to the non-registrant, notifying them of the relevant legislation and providing them with 60 days to amend their advertising materials and/or to stop using the restricted titles and/or stop their illegal actions. Where necessary, the College may also send a follow-up letter, providing the non-registrant with 15 additional days to comply before it takes the next steps of action. If the non-registrant fails to amend their actions, advertising, or to stop using the restricted titles within the timeline(s) provided, CMBC will instruct its legal counsel to commence appropriate proceedings.

Possible outcomes

If the non-registrant fails to comply, the CMBC may pursue two enforcement options:

  • Apply to the BC Supreme Court for an injunction, pursuant to the Health Professions Act, against the non-registrant; and/or
  • Refer the matter to Crown Counsel as an offense to be prosecuted under the Offense Act.

Further, the College will publish the name of the non-registrant on this website.

For more information about Illegal Practice

Please contact the Registrar, Louise Aerts, at her direct line 604-742-2234 or by email at registrar [at] cmbc.bc.ca.