Welcome Inter-provincial Registration Applicants

measuringIn accordance with Chapter 7 of Canada’s Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT), the College of Midwives of British Columbia will register midwives who are currently registered in other Canadian jurisdictions and who meet the requirements for general or full registration without restrictions or conditions, according to the criteria and application process set out in the College’s Policy on Inter-provincial Registration Reciprocity.

An application for registration package and the Policy on Inter-provincial Registration Reciprocity can be viewed and downloaded from the link on this page.

Completed application should be submitted to the CMBC with all of the required documents and fees for processing. The instructions on how you can request and consent to a criminal record check online will be provided to you once the CMBC receives your application.

Please note that the CMBC requires three professional references. To avoid delays and possible inconvenience to you and/or your referees, please ensure each person providing a reference understands the need to follow all instructions for completion of reference form and return the reference form directly to the CMBC.

All applicants under inter-provincial reciprocity are required to review the CMBC Registrant’s Handbook and our self-paced Orientation to Midwifery Practice in BC prior to registration. After completing your review of the Registrant’s Handbook and the orientation materials, you must write and pass the BC Jurisprudence Examination that is primarily focused on applying midwifery knowledge specific to BC regulation and practice (e.g. labs, prescribing, indications for discussion, consultation and transfer of care) in clinical situations. We will ship the material to you upon receipt of your application and the required fees.

Recent amendments to the Midwives Regulation enable BC midwives to autonomously prescribe, compound, dispense or administer two new categories of drugs for specific purposes:

  • benzodiazepines for therapeutic rest in prodromal labour or short term management of excessive anxiety in the postpartum period; and
  • narcotics for pain relief in labour and/or the postpartum period.

These amendments take effect on April 1, 2017. In order for applicants, who apply for midwifery registration under inter-provincial reciprocity, to be registered as a General registrant in BC, they must complete the Opioids and Benzodiazepines: Safe Prescribing for Midwives course prior to registration. Details on the course can be found here: http://cmbc.bc.ca/launch-of-opioids-and-benzodiazepines-safe-prescribing-for-midwives-course/

After completing all of the above requirements, your application will be put forward to the Approval Panel of the CMBC’s Registration Committee for their consideration.

We also recommend that you obtain and review a Member Manual from the Midwives Association of British Columbia (MABC). The MABC is responsible for negotiating the funding contract for midwifery services in BC and professional liability insurance is accessed through membership in the MABC.

If you have any questions, one staff members would be happy to assist you.

Application for Registration